Organic wood binder

S-Drill™ BND

A crosslinking agent for urea-formaldehyde resin with an additional function of a formaldehyde binder (acceptor), improving the physical and mechanical properties of board materials and reducing their toxicity.

  • Reduces the gelation time by 20-30%, which contributes to an increase in the productivity of wooden boards up to 9% due to an increase in the press factor;
  • Reduces resin consumption while maintaining the required level of physical and mechanical parameters;
  • Reduces swelling of the boards;
  • Improves the productivity of the wood-based panel production plant during seasonal temperature changes;
  • Suitable for use in internal and external layers of woodchip boards;
  • Has the properties of a formaldehyde acceptor, which helps ensure stability in terms of the content of free formaldehyde at levels E-1 and E-05, in accordance with the international standard requirements and European regulations.

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