Out top priority is the valorisation of hydrolytic lignin, along with our partner SOOO SynergyCom from Belarus. Hydrolytic lignin is a unique type of lignin we are proud to introduce to the European market. Since 2011, we have been primarily focusing on processing lignin into high molecular weight surfactants and other value-added chemicals based on this environmentally friendly raw material. Today, we produce lignin-based chemicals for various industries, including oil, gas, environmental, construction, agricultural, automotive, mining, and many other industries.

Lignin is the second most abundant polymer on the planet, found in plants as a binding agent in the tissues of young cells and as a supporting building material in the mature cell walls.


S-DRILL™ - a range of products for concrete and cement production

A whole range of products for regulating the properties of the concrete mix in the production of ready-mixed concrete and plastering solutions and for improving the processing of concrete and concrete products.