Sustainability and circular economy


It is impossible to imagine our world without plastics. But they must not be allowed to pollute our world. What would life be without clean air, pure water and forests? Careful use of existing resources is therefore a top priority at Plastic World Solutions GmbH. We implement a sustainability concept for all our plastic products. We offer a take-back service for all our plastic products that have already been used. We collect the products by type and return them to the economic cycle together with our recycling partners.


Together with our partners, we are developing new COMPOUNDS that consist of up to 100 percent renewable, natural raw materials. These do not waste fossil resources, but are made from vegetable oils or sugar cane, among other things. Dmitrij Schmiegel says: "The main aim is to manufacture and distribute our entire product range from bio-based and renewable raw materials. Customers who opt for a high-quality component made from recycled and/or bio-based plastic are doing something for the environment - and have come to the right place."


Since 2011, our focus has been on the valorization of lignin into high molecular weight surfactants and other value-added chemicals based on this environmentally friendly raw material. Today, together with our partners, we already produce a range of lignin-based products for various industries, including oil, gas, environment, construction, agriculture, automotive, mining and many others.